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We belive Recirculation Aquaculture Systems
(RAS) technologies have a crucial role to play in
helping aquaculture to feed a growing planet
while reducing our environmental footprint.

But RAS water treatment systems - in particular biological
filtration systems (bio-filters) - are often not reliable enough,
or aren't performing at their full potential. Alongside robust
nitrification, biofilters need to be able to help address risks
such as Hydrogen Sulphide build-up or Geosmin/MIB

Microbial Management

Our approach to RAS water treatment is based on out long experience in waste water
treatment, where it is common to use bio-augmentation to 'steer' a biofilter over time.


Instead of just 'seeding' a bio-filter with bacteria when starting a RAS, in the
expectation that the bacteria that develop will control toxins produced in the
system, we have pioneered an innovative active microbial management approach.

‘Maintenance dosing’ involves continually dosing RAS biofilters with specifically
selected bacteria formulations. This stops sub-optimal combinations of bacteria
species developing, ensuring robust nitrification, and avoiding spikes in toxins
such as H₂S or contaminants like Geosmin.

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Kristian Natland
Kristian Natland
DVM, Salg & markedssjef Fiskehelse