Feeding trials

Feeding trials

VESO Vikan conducts feeding trials on behalf of research institutions and commercial feed producers.

Non-pharmaceutical fish feed additives - sometimes referred to as functional feeds - have become an important tool for fish farmers in reducing the impact of fish diseases. Functional feeds typically aim to modulate fish immune responses and/ or relieve disease-related disorders.

VESO Vikan has broad experience in conducting feeding trials with pharmaceuticals and functional feeds in combination with experimental challenges with bacteria, viruses and sea lice. Trials can be conducted at all developmental stages of fish; from start feeding fry to smolts, and the facility allows conduct of large scale feeding trials. Typical study design involves acclimatization of test fish to ensure adequate appetite prior to a 4 to 6 weeks pre-clinical feeding period. Fish are often kept in triplicate tanks and feed collection units can be mounted on each tank. After the pre-clinical feeding period, fish are challenged and feeding continued through the clinical phase. Serum and tissue samples are taken at critical time-points throughout the study period and mortality observed.

The facility is flexible and built to accomodate our customers requirements. We are open to discuss special requests regarding study design or technical solutions. For further information, please contact Christian Wallace.

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