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CFT Legumine

CFT Legumine

Eradication of Alien Invasive Fish Species

Natural endogenous aquatic ecosystems in Europe are under threat from introductions and invasions of exotic fish species and parasites. The list of highly detrimental invaders includes the top mouth gudgeon (Pseudorasbora parva), and the mosquitofish (Gambusia sp.) In several countries in Europe, and the salmon killing parasite Gyrodactylus salaris in Norway.

The spread of exotic species is a result of both intentional/ authorized and unauthorized introductions and migrations. Exotic invaders may cause economic and environmental problems by outcompeting and eradicating native species and may reduce biodiversity. The transfer of species to new areas has been recognized globally as the second greatest threat to biodiversity after habitat loss (International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN). EU regulation 1143/2014 recommends rapid actions to eradicate invasive alien species at an early stage in order to prevent further spread and proliferation.

The fish pesticide CFT Legumine contains the natural active substance rotenone and is a valuable managment tool in restoration programs and for the protection of natural aquatic ecosystems. CFT Legumine can be combined with the product Vectocarb (Omya AG) for effective treatment of rivers and lakes with upwelling groundwater.

Please contact Sigmund Sevatal, Project Manager VESO for further information.