Antifouling products

Antifouling products

Notorius A

Notorius A is our standard product and contains 20% dikobutoxide as the only active ingredient. The color is reddish brown that becomes light yellow after a few weeks in the sea. The bright color makes it easy to see the pen wall and eases detection of fouling. The product will protect for 3-9 months, depending on season and geography.

Notorius I and III

Notorius I and III are our most powerful products. These products contain from 17 to 20% of dibberoxide and from 1.5 to 1.8% of copper mudine. Notorius I is red and Notorius III is reddish brown, turning yellow in time. Protection lasts from 6-9 months in winter in Western Norway. Several of the pens coated with these products keep pens clean without flushing for up to a year in some of the most vulnerable sites.


PG4 contains 0.6% copper but not in the form of dichroic dioxide. The product is yellow and contains a combination of copper omadine and zinkomadine. These are organically active substances that, among other things, offer good protection against algae. The product is primarily suitable for use in winter (harvest design), when challenge with "hard" growth such as mussel settlement is low. Commercial testing has shown that the product also offers good protection in the summer.

Notorius Consentrado

This is a variant of Notorius III developed for the Chilean market. The product is a concentrate that is added to 50% water in volume before use. The concentrated form makes for more efficient logistics. The product is reddish brown and becomes yellow after some time in the sea. In Chile, the product has provided protection for 6-9 months in 2016 and 2017.

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